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Ancre Parcours



Born in Aix en Provence on May 4.

I fell in love with the water on the marvelous beaches of Southern Corsica during the summer holidays.


First French Youth Championships. (Mulhouse)


February: First French Championships Elites (St. Raphael) - 3 C Finals.

July :  First national medals - Bronze and Silver at the French Summer Championships (Laval)

September :  Fuelled by challenges I chose to move to Canada. There, I joined the University of McGill and its faculty of Management Desautels in order to pursue world class management studies while levelling up my swimming. I trained under the guidance of head coach Peter Carpenter.


I started challenging myself with swimming when I was 8 years old.

My story began under the colors of my hometown club, the Pays d'Aix Natation. From the start,  I am better at backstroke and butterfly.


During these years of competitions I faced personal difficulties because of my late height growth. Until I was 18, I had to be patient, bounce back and work harder than others to perform.

However with relentlessness and passion I have  kept on improving at a slow but steady pace.



February:  USports Championships

  • 4 McGill University Records

  • Double University Champion of Canada on 50 backstroke and 100 butterfly.

  • National University Bronze Medalist (4x100NL)


June: I joined the Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille and followed my McGill University classes online.


December: French Elite Championships

  • Vice French Champion in the 200 butterfly

  • Finalist A: 50/100/200 butterfly (top 8)



 February: First USports Championships

  • 4 McGill University Records

  • Canadian university champion on 50 backstroke.

  • Double National University Bronze Medalist (100 butterfly, 4x200NL)


April: Canadian National Championships (Toronto)

July: Mare Nostrum Monaco International Meeting, Canet, French Summer Championships 

December : French Short Course Championships

  • First Finals A (4)

  • Entry in the All time ranking (50back/50butterfly)

Clément au Meeting Open Med 2018 par J-C Mouton
Entrainements Covid chez Gilles un particulier
Premier Podium toutes categories pour Clément sur 200 papillon
Championnats Usport 2020 Interview


February-March:  International meetings FFN GOLDEN TOUR stages NICE and MARSEILLE​

  • A-finals,

  • Four personal bests​

  • 1 club record (200 butterfly)


April:  Meeting Aix-en-provence and St-Etienne, university semester validation, Draft International Swimming League registration

May: Olympic Selections in Chartres:

- 3 A Finals (50/100/200 butterfly). It was a very difficult competition mentally with a lot of pressure. I ended up with poor results not up to my expectations and the work I had done during the season.

August: I went back to Montreal for my last year of University.

October University Cup 1 and 2

  • 3 McGill University Records (200NL/Butterfly, 100Butterfly)

  • 2 RSEQ Records (100,200 butterfly)

  • 2x Competitive Swimmer

December:   French Championships in Montpellier:  Vice French Champion in the 200m butterfly. 4th in the 100m butterfly. 


Championnats USports 2022 par mathieubelanger
Championnats Usports 2022
Clément Championnats de france Limoges 2022 après le 100m papillon premier titre Champion de France par picardysportmedia


March:   USports Championships

  • 7 Records of McGill University / RSEQ

  • 2 Usport Records

  • 4x National University Champion of Canada on 50/100/200 butterfly and 4x100nl relay.

  • Silver medalist  National University (4x200NL)

April: French Championships

  • French 100 butterfly champion

  • Vice French Champion in the 200 butterfly

  • Finalist A: 50 butterflies (top 8)

  • 1st Selection in the French Team for the World Championships and European Championships


June:   World Championships in Budapest


August: European Championships in Rome


2022 Continued

June:   World Championships in Budapest:

I finished 23rd in the heats of the 100m butterfly for my first race under the the French team cap. It was a competition with a lot of learning, specifically in terms of managing my stress, my expectations and my emotions.

July : Rossini Swim Cup (Pesaro, Italy): Two gold medals. Without the pressure, surfing on the World Championships shape, I swam the 100m butterfly twice with a faster time than in Budapest.

August: European Championships in Rome

Clément très jeune
Clément à 16ans
Clément en Stage à Piombino en 2016
Clément aux podium du 50dos aux Championnats USports 2019
Clément au Meeting Open Méditerranée 2021
Clément par JP Cotte
Clement Vice Champion de France à Monpellier sur 200m papillon par Alexandre Dimou
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