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Ancre Partenaires





I put two types of packs in two places that go with different profiles. To know the details about the packs contact me on my social networks (Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook) or by email .





Today, I am always looking for new partnership agreements to help me reach my full potential and realize my dreams. The partnership agreement is based on trust. I would like the partner to commit to a relationship compatible with my sporting project: the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.  With the partner, through my journey and my accomplishments, I want to transmit the values of work and promote the territory to which I belong. Aware of the competition in the labor market, I undertake not to sign partners in the club, companies that would be competitors. 


This agreement gives the possibility that you, or employees of your company, are my sponsors and can discover swimming and follow me on my journey throughout the year. Whether it is to share advice, intervene in your company, meet my team, have a coffee, attend a competition or even take a swimming lesson, I will make myself available for you.


At the end of each season, a sporting and economic assessment will be carried out with each partner in order to validate the results of the partnership undertaken and implement improvements. 

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